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What to Wear PP

Before your session we will be calling you to confirm your session and setting up your order session that will take place at our studio. Depending on your schedule your order session could be as quick as the same day or the next week.

We request to have all decision makers present at the time of ordering. This will be the only time the portraits will be available for viewing. Online viewings are not available.

Our Studio is Located at:
140 Gage Blvd Suite #104
Richland, WA 99325
Located on the corner of Bellerive and Gage

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or you would like to set up your order session before hand.

How to Order ?


PP Intro

What to Wear?

Tips for a successful portrait:

*Solid Tones- no stripes or patterns

*Long Sleeves- Not as important for children but good for a portrait having more than 2 children. Generally a short sleeve will cause your eyes to go to their arms verses their face, making the portrait busy for the viewer.

* Contrasting Tones with Layers- if you are working with layers try to keep your layers in the same tonal range.
Example: Black and White would be the extreme. If you are working with a dark shirt and have an undershirt, wearing a white underneath would take away from your child, causing your eye to go to the white area verses their face. A better option would be to wear an undershirt that is closer to the dark tone in color.

* Please feel free to call us if you have questions.